Life Changing-Coaching (In Person or via Skype)




Weekly Assistance €80



Cranio-Fascia Therapy


Therapeutic session aiming joints & muscles tension release 

Area of work : Skull / Shoulders / Spine






Cupping Massage

30min/€30   45min/€40  60min/€50

Excellent For Issues Within Tissue

Therapeutic Massage

30min/€30    45min/€40  60min/€50

Ideal For Muscular & Postural Issues

Reiki – Energy Balancing


30min/€30    45min/€40

Holistic Massage

60min /€50    75min /€55    90min /€60

Relaxing Massage

60min/€50   75min/€55   90min/€60

Body Melting Effect

Hot Stones Massage

45min/€40  60min/€50  75min/€55  90min/€60

Cosy Heat Of Basaltic Stones

Thai Yoga Massage

75min/€55  90min/€60

Flexibility & Movement Restoration

Sports Massage

30min/€30 45min/€45 60min/€50  75min/€55

For Your Sports Performance To Be Better

Thai Foot Massage

45min/€40  60min/€50

Ultralight Legs Experience

Deep Tissue Massage

30min/€30  45min/€40  60min/€50 75min/€55

Get Those Knots Out ! ! !

Indian Head Massage

 60min/€50   75min/€55

Breath Easy

Back & Chest & Head Massage Compound With Eucalyptus&Pine Aromatherapy Oils

60min/€50  75min/€55  90min/€60

Ayurvedic Face Massage

45min/€40  60min/€50

All The Tension Away From Your Face

Foot Massage

45min/€40  60min/€50

Foot Loose

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