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Cranio-Fascia Therapy

Therapeutic session aiming joints & muscles tension release 

Area of work : Skull / Shoulders / Spine


Breath Balancing Tapping Massage

This therapeutic massage aims to grow your body awareness…during the session you stay fully focused on your breath…you will use visualization to direct the flow of your breath to areas pointed by the therapist with tapping & accupressure techniques.

This therapy is an opportunity to develop following skills :

*Focus to effectively use your breath for mind&body deep relaxation

*Narrowing thought process to the point where your body&breath become one 

*Finally you will be able to command your body much better by using breath&visualization which is extremely helpful to pick the best body mechanics in your daily activities and to get extra clarity in interaction with others 





Cupping Massage

30min/€30   45min/€40  60min/€50

Excellent For Issues Within Tissue

Therapeutic Massage

30min/€30    45min/€40  60min/€50

Ideal For Muscular & Postural Issues

Reiki – Energy Balancing

30min/€30    45min/€40

Holistic Massage

60min /€50    75min /€55    90min /€60

Relaxing Massage

60min/€50   75min/€55   90min/€60

Body Melting Effect

Hot Stones Massage

45min/€40  60min/€50  75min/€55  90min/€60

Cosy Heat Of Basaltic Stones

Thai Yoga Massage

75min/€55  90min/€60

Flexibility & Movement Restoration

Sports Massage

30min/€30 45min/€45 60min/€50  75min/€55

For Your Sports Performance To Be Better

Thai Foot Massage

45min/€40  60min/€50

Ultralight Legs Experience

Deep Tissue Massage

30min/€30  45min/€40  60min/€50 75min/€55

Get Those Knots Out ! ! !

Indian Head Massage

 60min/€50   75min/€55

Breath Easy

Back & Chest & Head Massage Compound With Eucalyptus&Pine Aromatherapy Oils

60min/€50  75min/€55  90min/€60

Ayurvedic Facial

45min/€40  60min/€50 

Foot Massage

45min/€40  60min/€50

Foot Loose

Pregnancy Massage

45min/€40  60min/€50

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