How Can a Psychotherapist, Counsellor or Life Coach Help You?

becoming stuck in life - use a counsellorAt one point in life we become stuck, and despite our best efforts, we’re unable to move forward. If you’re in this space and want to take your personal life, career or business to the next level, then a life coach is the person you need. Many entrepreneurs, thought leaders and CEOs can credit part of their strategy to success to a life coach.

Life in the UK and Ireland can be difficult and requires knowing how to navigate the landscape. Sometimes our thinking is what keeps us from getting to where we wish to be, and sometimes it is others around us. Either case requires having someone outside our situation to assess our pitfalls and provide insight as to where we’re going wrong and also offer a new viewpoint.

There are various reasons people sort the services of a life coach. The primary areas they provide support includes one’s personal life, their career, and wellness goals. These include but not limited to:

  • Creating a plan for one’s life
  • Setting goals and formulating strategies to execute them
  • Developing financial security
  • Creating and sticking to a work-life balance
  • Seeing past one’s perceived limitations and making career moves
  • Attaining ideal personal and business relationships

Of the primary goals set, there’s are tools you can expect to attain for you to thrive well after the duration of your session. On a larger scale, here are more ways you can expect transformative assistance.


Making you believe in yourself

If you’re looking for a life coach, it is likely that you’ve given up on an aspect in your life. Sometimes this could be through what has been said to you or opinions you formed about yourself. A life coach is present to offer an objective worldview and provides more clarity that those around us or ourselves can give. The entire process is rooting for you, to turn you into a positive thinker with the ability to change and act on new models of thinking.


Spot patterns keeping you blocked

Life coaching requires an ability to be an excellent listener. They can see through what the client is talking about and what they think about themselves. It is this attentiveness that allows them to spot patterns of negative thinking that are holding you back and relay them to you. Once they bring your blocks to the surface, you’ll now be able to gain an understanding of why your life is as it is, using us for counselling.


Assist you in developing new patterns of thinking

Once you know what the issue is, the process accelerates. Your life coach will help you develop new ways of thinking. One of those ways is by transforming you from being your worst critic into a cheerleader. It is in developing new mindsets that you can change your life both personally and, on a career, or business level.


Learning to ask yourself the hard questions

You can expect your life coach to facilitate a series of thought-provoking questions. An example is that of someone who, for one reason or another, are unsure about their career path. It is likely that in their mind frame they are sure that the job binds them. A coach will ask questions that get to the heart of the matter. A person might think it is the lack of opportunity stopping them. With questioning, however, they might uncover that they are overly critical of their capabilities and can indeed excel in a different career path.

Make you accountable

A positive outlook to life is worthless is followed by inaction. It is equally not uncommon for someone to start off excited about all the changes they can make and halfway through the journey falter. Therefore, a life coach helps you create a self-sustained accountability structure where there they can check in with themselves or others they trust to track their progress. In this way, a person can still progress without having a life coach follow up on them. It is in becoming accountable for one’s own progress that a person gets the most out life coaching.


And then some…

Each person is unique and thus requires an individualised program for their life. They will help you deal with the bigger picture of your life and help you advance that. That said, seeing a life coach is not equal to seeing a therapist. You can think of life coaching as the gym while the therapist is the doctor that lets you know you need to make lifestyle changes. Whatever your requirements to accelerating your life, you can find the help you need in a life coach.